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Women In Business Workshop July 2023

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Here's What Attendees Are Saying

My name is Kayla Yetter, and I am the sole owner of Fully Fit With Kay, LLC. This was my first year attending the Women In Business Workshop and the impact it has had on both myself and my business already is undeniable. The information alone brought forth by the speakers initiated deep thought, provided insight into a variety of issues and helped to make mindset shifts that I didn’t even know that I needed. It’s value simply immeasurable. Beyond that, I met so many incredibly strong, intelligent and gifted women that have now turned into friendships and even business relationships, ones that I know will change my life in more ways than one! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be surrounded by the caliber of women that I was and to learn all of the things that I am now implementing in my own business! I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR! 

- Kayla Yetter

It's tough to put into words how powerful Women in Business was for me.  As a female entrepreneur, you feel kind of alone a lot of times in this world and Women in Business not only reminds you that you aren't, but inspires you to be even greater.  The 3 days at WIB were not only flawlessly run with timing, amazing speakers, a variety of professions displayed, and networking galore, but it really reignites your fire for what you want to do in this world.  

I was feeling a bit 'stale' with ideas and I walked away from those three days with my mind filled to the brim of all the new things I wanted to do with my company to help us grow and continue to change lives. 

I will most definitely be back and have stayed in touch with a number of the ladies!  We need more boss women in this world and WIB is making that happen!  

- Becca Chilczenkowski - Co-Owner of FitMom Lifestyle and The Food Code Podcast

Attending the Women In Business Workshop is absolutely life changing! It is so amazing to be surrounded by like minded women in all kinds of different industries who commit and persevere to fulfill their greatest potential not just in business, but in all areas of life. The information provided by the speakers is  based on first hand experience and not just a story/ theory someone has read about. I ended up leaving  the workshop with not only new business relationships but personal relationships too (that's priceless).

- Evelyn B - Dirt Direct Motorsports / Dirt Direct Offroad Performance

Best decision I’ve made as a business owner was attending WIB! I was hesitant: I’m only 18 months into owning my business, I’m older and a mom of 4.  Wasn’t sure if I’d “fit in”.  But, I can say I have never been around a group of women that I felt such a connection with! All different ages, backgrounds, professions, demographics: yet all having the exact same drive to grow, get better, never settle and learn!  The energy was electric!   So much knowledge exchanged!  I have so many new ideas and goals… and now a group of like minded women to go to for input.  Thanks Emily and your crew!!!  Can’t wait for the next one! 

- Veronica Lane - Well Body PT2

After attending 3 WIB events, I can honestly say that I take away very different, yet very valuable information every single year. I have been to SO MANY training, seminars, etc and none have been as valuable as this. None have provided me with true tactical advice that I can leave and implement immediately. It isn't full of fluff and inspiration, it is full of real world "I have lived it and excelled through it" advice. I have met some of the most amazing women, and formed the most amazing friendships. It has become my favorite event of the year. 

- Shannon Puetz

I walked into my first Women In Business workshop in 2020 and was confident I was going to acquire knowledge to help my business grow.  What I didn't know was that my entire community of women was going to change and I would find my best friends walking into that event.The tools, resources, and speakers that Emily brings in every year are always top notch.  What you cannot put a price on are the relationships you'll acquire upon walking into the room.  All different women from all different walks of life, who are in all different levels of their business all come together to do one thing...help each other.  If you are in the first few years of your business, like I am, or if you have 15 years of experience - this event is for everyone.I've attended hundreds of conferences in my life and walked out with a nice notebook, maybe a shirt, and a few pages of notes.  And not once did I reconnect with the people I met or followed up on questions I had. What Emily has built with the Women In Business workshop is truly unique.  It's real women with practical knowledge who are willing to educate you and challenge you to help grow your business.I cannot recommend this workshop enough and every year I go, it gets even better!

- Marin Lee

The Women In Business workshop was a breath of fresh air! I was surrounded by like minded women who are truly making a difference by striving to become the best version of themselves without lots of hype and “woo-woo”. We received practical and simple advice that I was able to implement even long after we went home. I feel like these amazing ladies will forever be a part of my life!

- Rhonda Budge

Attending Emily's Women In Business workshop was the necessary next step for me. I was nervous to attend, I had butterflies and as the time drew near, my anxiety was climbing a bit. I didn't know many people attending but the butterflies were not because of that, it was because I knew, I could never leave this conference the same person I walked in as. This was 100% true.

Surrounding myself with like-minded, compassionate, kind, and badass women is essential to my personal and professional growth. I learned more about myself and navigating my businesses than I expected. The speakers were so perfectly lined up to compliment each others topics and offered tactical, take-home actionable items to execute on immediately to succeed. Every single woman in attendance genuinely cared about the success of one another. 

This is a must attend event for any woman wanting more for themselves. 

- Mariah

"Words aren’t enough to fully capture my experience at the Women in Business Workshop. I truly enjoyed every second! Each speaker provided value and information beyond my expectations. Every woman who attended was inspiring, encouraging, and very kind. It speaks volumes of Emily and the community she has created. It was incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by women who are doing their best every day to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others! This event launched my business far beyond where it would have been had I not attended. Everything Emily and her team touches turns to gold and this workshop was no exception!"

- Jenna Johnson

Women In Business Workshop

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