Emily Frisella is a mission-driven entrepreneur who has been building businesses since the age of 20. She has spent her career cultivating effective teams and inspiring leadership in multiple ways, including founding the wildly popular Women in Business Workshop. Frisella is the best selling author of two cookbooks, as well as her most recent business book, Relationships First: People, Passion, & Profits. She is the CEO of The Paper & Plan Co and is the Chief Operating Officer of 44Seven Media and Arete Syndicate. 

Working 2 jobs since the age of 14 allowed Emily to save money to buy her first home at age 19 and open her first brick & mortar business at age 20. She purchased the land & building and opened a luxury gift boutique, flower shop, wedding & tuxedo rental company.

Emily knows first hand the rise & fall of business, the grit, determination, defeat, joys and triumphs that come with the title "Entrepreneur".

After selling her business and relocating to St. Louis, she founded The Paper & Plan Co. She is also a three-time published author of Amazon best-selling cookbooks, The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen and  The Saints Plate & The Sinners Dinner Cookbook and most recently, Relationships First. Emily is a Chef,  Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, Co-founder of Freedom Reads with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, COO of 44Seven Media, Digital Course Creator, Business Coach & Speaker.

Emily's passion is to help others with "real world" health and wellness-- it's about creating a lifestyle you can maintain. Her on-going mission is helping women reach their potential and empowering them to lead in their personal & professional lives through self development, awareness, and learning to brand their passions and talents, which is why she launched the Women in Business Workshop in 2018. Through this program, women are surrounded by like-minded, driven women to learn real world, practical & tactical business operations, productivity and organizational skills, as well as a deep branding knowledge to help them level up personally and professionally.