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Looking for a speaker at your next event? Here's some background about me and my speaking style. If this feels like the right fit, let's connect through email and discuss your next event. 

Being an entrepreneur is all about hard work and passion, but not everyone is lucky enough to see it in action while growing up. I never knew what a 9 to 5 was and saw firsthand from my parents what being my own boss and in control of my own future looked like. Becoming an entrepreneur was all I ever knew. 

At 14, I took a job to save up to buy a brick and mortar business and at 20-years-old purchased the building and surrounding property. I quickly opened a flower shop, luxury gift boutique, tuxedo, and wedding rental company before selling it to relocate to a new city.

I knew I would continue on my entrepreneurial path and soon discovered a calling that combined fitness, clean eating, and comfort food. As a lifelong athlete, I was always ready for my next game of volleyball and the fantastic meals my Mom and Grandmas made that came afterward. Once I graduated from college and gave up volleyball as part of my daily routine, I realized I couldn't eat like I did on the farm. I wanted to get a handle on my sudden weight gain while getting healthy. 

I was ready to devour all the cookbooks and magazines I could find, but soon discovered they were filled with crazy, labor-intensive recipes with ingredients I had never heard of. After years of trial and error to create my own favorite dishes, I decided to share my knowledge with the world and wrote, "The Fresh Farmhouse Cookbook: Clean Eating Comfort Food," followed by "The Saints Plate & The Sinners Dinner Cookbooks." My dream of authorship was realized while helping others create budget-friendly recipes with household ingredients from any local grocery store. 

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur has led me on a path to serve others while building upon my dreams. In addition to launching cookbooks, I'm also the co-host of the Curious Me Podcast, Founder of The Paper & Plan Co., Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, COO of 44Seven Media, Business Coach, and rated among the Top 5 Entrepreneurs in St. Louis.

All of my exhilarating business pursuits left me feeling exhausted. But it wasn't because of the hard work I put into turning my passions into reality. I was tired of looking for resources and only finding "woo woo" glitter and girly types of businesses and events that I didn't resonate with. 

Glitter doesn't pay the bills. Hard work does.

I decided to define my brand and create events catering to like-minded businesswomen for a drama-free, no bullshit, no fluff zone experience. Today, I  teach women the tactics behind running a business such as productivity and time management, building systems, branding and more. These teachings are done through entrepreneurial-minded events, coaching, workshops, and speaking opportunities. 


Looking for a speaker for your next event? I connect with groups eager to take a deep dive into:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Social Media 
  • Mindset 
  • Self Development
  • Health & Nutrition

My approach is direct, to the point, and full of actionable takeaways from a trusted friend who gives it to you straight. Because when you pair hard work with passion and a clear action path to achieve your goals, you get results. Not glitter inspired business plans.

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