Tackling A Messy Home

Keeping a home tidy is not always easy. It can get overwhelming and things just somehow seem to pile up! I have been there!

Today I am giving you a process I've been using for YEARS to help me stay on task with my home organizing. It helps keep my mind focused and calm when things seem to be out of hand.

With that being said, here is today's challenge:

1) Grab a piece of paper & pen

2) Walk from room to room in your home

3) In each room write 1 thing you need to tackle/touch up in that room. (this could be organizing your closet, going through old toys, clean a mirror, organizing your kitchen cabinet, etc)

4) After you have your list made.  Do 1 thing on it right then!!

5) When you're done, hang that list up and dedicate the time to do 1 thing on that list every day until you can throw the list away because it's all done!

Simple concept right?  But we often get so wrapped up in the speed that life happens we end up putting it off. Added benefit is it's an early jump on Spring cleaning!! If this helps you, I'd love to hear from you! Take your before and after photos of that corner and closet and tag me on IG @emilyfrisella

Happy Cleaning!