Money Saving Tips!

Today's topic is SAVING MONEY on auto renewal subscriptions!! You know, those apps we download for a free 14 day trial, or auto pay PayPal subscriptions...they all add up & fast!!  What often happens is we get an email that we were billed and it's the "Oh crap!  I forgot about that!  I need to cancel that before next month" ....and sometimes we cancel but often we forget.  So lets knock that out today as soon as you read this!  

I'm going to tell you how to do it on your iPhone & PayPal account: iPhone (sorry- I don't know the Android OS)

  1. Open your "Settings" app

  2. Click where is says your name, Apple ID, etc

  3. Then tap "Subscriptions" 

  4. Go through all your active subscriptions.  

  5. When you find one you no longer want: tap it and select "cancel subscription. 

In the list of active subscriptions you will then see the expiration date of it.  The app will still be active until this date since you already paid for it. After that it will be changed to a new list at the bottom of that screen of "expired"  I try to do this at least once a quarter and there is always $10-$30 a month I was spending that I didn't need to. 


  1. Log into your PayPal account on your phone 

  2. Select "menu" from the top left of the screen

  3. Tap on the "gear" icon on the top right of that screen

  4. Then you will see options at the top "Account" "Security" "Payments" "Notifications"

  5. Select "Payments" from that screen

  6. You will then see a "Manage Automatic Payments"- click that

  7. This will then display all your automatic payments & accounts that you've allowed to hold your account active. 

  8. You can tap on each one and unselect to cancel the automatic subscription.  

Note: If it's a subscription with a person, please do them the courtesy and make them aware via email that you choose to cancel their services effective immediately.