How I Transformed My Life

On yesterday’s post, I had some “Well you don’t understand” and “You just don’t get it” messages roll through..Really?⁣


Left photo of me at 22 years old could have fed myself the “you are enough” and “self love” bullshit along with all the beer & fried food. The left photo was a young woman that was very unhappy, anxious & had been prescribed Paxil since the age of 14. I owned my first brick and mortar business at this time and had to put on a “I’ve got this shit” attitude everyday and let me tell you- that shit isn’t easy to do day after day. I would bury myself in my work to escape. ⁣

I continued to live in this state for 4 more years. That’s when I said enough is enough. My life made me sad, depressed and mad that I was allowing it to happen. It was a cycle of “I’m making a change today!” But I’d get sucked back into the vortex that was my own bullshit and lies to myself.⁣

At 26 I got my shit together. Made life changes, started to feel more happy and free. Felt a sense of peace. Took control of my choices and quit allowing others to persuade or attempt to manipulate me into what they wanted me to think was my choice- but it was theirs... and I knew it. ⁣

At 28 I got serious in the gym, got my food in order, made it a mission to make better choices- guess what happened then? I became so damn happy, felt good about myself, knew that I was in the drivers seat of my life- no more bullshit, no more of living in a constant state of being unhappy.⁣

The right photo is me at 37. I am more mentally tough with currently completing my third round of#75HARD, I am in control, I feel happy and proud of myself, I am fanatical about self development and learning new things, I am pushing myself everyday to be better than the last physically & mentally. ⁣

If you want to make the change, if you want to push yourself, if you are tired of the lies you have been feeding yourself- the best way to achieve all of that and to become mentally tough is to start#75HARDtoday. You will never be able to go back to being who you were before. ⁣

There is a beautiful world on the other side of hard work. ⁣