6 Steps to Freshen Your Fridge

Freshen Your Fridge!!

And no, this is not my fridge pictured, mine is looking quite the disaster currently. With the grocery stores running out of staple items I have started buying a couple more of our staple items when I can get them so the fridge is packed.  My task today is my fridge as well.  You all probably know I have a little OCD  :) so seeing my fridge in it's current overpacked state gives me a touch of anxiety.  

I would LOVE to see your "before and after" pics so snap them and tag me!  

 Here are 6 simple tidy tips for freshening your fridge!

1) Remove everything from the fridge

2) Using warm soapy water or bleach water, scrub the shelves, door shelves, crisper bins and walls.  

3) Check all expiration dates on foods, sauces & condiments and throw away the expired

4) Give your shelves a purpose & categories.  Organize it so alike things are together.  This saves you money because you won't be digging around to see if you have it or buy it not knowing you have it.

5) Ditch all the plastic produce bags and prep your fruits and veggies by washing, cleaning and chopping them.  Then store them into glass or plastic containers. This keeps them fresher longer but also saves you tons of time at meal time from having to wash, prep and chop every night.  

6) Use plastic bins so each of your kids have their own little area for their favorite snacks that's east for them to reach.