My Skincare Routine

Let's talk skincare.
Bottom line: Take care of it.

I was very fortunate because my mom always stressed the importance of proper skincare to my sisters and myself. Once we got into our early teenage years she would ensure that we had proper cleansers, toners and moisturizers for our skin type. Skincare became a routine with my sisters and myself just like brushing our teeth.

Once I moved out of my parents home, I began using Oil Olay which served me through my 20's but wasn't anything to write home about. Once I approached my 30's I knew that I needed to up my skincare game. I began using Trish McAvoy for a few years. It was just ok but I never saw major improvements.

I went to see my sister-in-law Racquel Frisella who is a board Certified Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetic Specialist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Racquel works as a cosmetic injector and skincare specialist with 10 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry. She sees patients both in-office at Nayak Plastic Surgery & Avani Derm Spa for treatments as well as online for customized, complimentary skincare plans. She focuses heavily on preventative and corrective injections, treatments, and skincare.  Her career is her passion and she loves to help people feel like the very best version of themselves. Racquel is a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 3 and loves all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. 

In the office one day I was asking Racquel what I can do to improve my skin look & texture. She first suggested to start with an IPL (Intense Pulse Light treatment) It is


To say I was shocked after getting it is the understatement of the century! IPL reduces hyperpigmentation, sun spots and age spots. The very first one I got at the age of 30 brought up 30 YEARS worth of sun damage, hyperpigmentation and age spots that is lurking under your skin and I had A TON! My cheeks literally looked like I rubbed mud all over them with how much damage came up! Even my dad who usually never notices those kinds of things asked about it. It took about 6-7 days for it all to flake off to reveal a totally new look to my skin. It was smooth, clear and bright. I was and have been forever sold on the procedure.

An IPL is now something I do every single Fall after being out in the Summer sun. I don't get much that it pulls up from my skin anymore because I'm keeping up on it every year which is key. At the age of 34 I also started having it done on my chest as well to protect that area since I wear tank tops and swimsuits all summer and lets be clear- no matter how much sunscreen you slather on- sun damage happens so I recommend it highly.

After the IPL, I continued with my Trish McAvoy for about a year longer. It was the next time I went in for an IPL I spoke to Racquel about skincare products and what she recommended. She explained the difference between:

  • Drug store finds

  • Department store finds

  • Medical grade skincare plans custom for you

Explaining that medical grade is more potient & in turn you use less, it is more effective and that I would see a bigger improvement and continue to improve my skincare. (Insert a swift kick in the ass for not getting medical grade sooner!)

Medical grade skincare is an investment but lets be real- you have your skin your entire life so take care of it. What I recommend is get a complimentary plan from Racquel (more on that below) that is specifically designed for you. Then when your current item runs out, get the medical grade. Repeat this until all your products have slowly been replaced and you have fully transistioned to medical grade. I'm promising you- you WILL notice a huge difference and if you're like me, then you'll be mad you didn't make the switch sooner. :)

Bonus tips:

1) Treat your neck like your face...apply the products on your neck as well. So often we care for our face and chest but neglect the neck.

2) Drink your water! Water makes you glow from the inside out and keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Caffeine can dull your skin leaving you tired so if you are a frequent coffee or soda drinker- kick up the H20!

Ok- So lets talk about my daily routine for a.m. & p.m. that Racquel designed for me and I've added to over the years. That's what I love about Racquel. She's not someone that's going to tell you you need 3,963 products that is super overwhelming. She started me with 4 simple products : cleanser, eye cream and a moisturizer for morning and 1 for the evening and I built up from there with other things I wanted to add-in.

Here is my "full spread". Some I use daily, some 1-2 times a week :)

My morning routine is super simple. I have normal/dry skin so it's not oily therefore I don't cleanse it again when I wake up. If you do have oily skin, you may need/want to cleanse again upon waking. I use these 3 products in the morning and this is the order I use them.

1) Neocutis Lumiere Riche- This is the best undereye cream I've tried. Restorative, line-smoothing eye cream that uses growth factors to target the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and under-eye darkness.

2) Glow C Serum- A high potency antioxidant formula that fights free radicals and protects against the effects of photo-aging. Combined ingredients of Vitamin C, E, and Ferulic Acid to brighten and smooth skin texture, while antioxidants enhance retinoid effects and protect the skin from oxidization and elemental damage. Stimulates new collagen growth and fortifies the skin’s dermis.

3) Elta MD Tinted Daytime Moisturizer SPF40- Serious UV protection and superior hydration facial sunscreen. This has hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention and diminish fine lines. This lightweight moisturizer with UV protection can be worn alone or under makeup. It doesn't have any sunscreen smell to it and isn't sticky. I absolutely love this.

My nighttime routine is when my skin gets to rest, just like sleep restores us, it restores our skin so I help it as much as I can get some proper downtime TLC :)


1) Neocutis Neo Cleanse Gentle Skin Cleanser- I wash with this everynight before bed. I wet my face and neck and apply a small amount and cleanse my skin and splash it off with cool/warm water and blot dry with a towel. Formulated without harsh sulfates, dyes or fragrances for skin that feels fresh, clean and comfortable after cleansing.

2) I apply my Neocutis lumiere riche under my eyes (as described above)

3)Next I apply Neocutis Hyalis- An oil-free, deeply moisturizing formulation with multiple types of pure Sodium Hyaluronate (SH) plus key ingredients to help promote smooth, soft, and supple skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Then I wait about 3-4 mins and apply step 4:

4) Neocutis Micro-Night Rejuvenating Cream- Delivers essential nourishment to help revitalize and rejuvenate the appearance of skin through a combination of Proprietary Peptides, glycerin and essential moisturizing lipids to provide nightly anti-aging benefits with power of micro-proteins. I wait 2-3 mins then apply step 5:

5) Epionce Priming Oil- Just a couple drops of this oil goes a long way and leaves your skin super smooth & hydrated. It's one of my favorite products to put on and it only takes about 3-4 drops for my entire face so it lasts a long time.

Then I hit the sheets and ensure I get 7-8 hours of shut eye.

The 2 products I use once or twice a week are:

1) Avani Glow Weekly Pads- A powerful compliment to your skin brightening and anti-aging regimens. GLOW Weekly Pads will help smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.  Great to use the night before an event for brighter, tighter skin the next day or sometimes if I'm feeling a bit too tired or lazy I will use these. lol. The way you use these are you cleanse your skin as usual, apply your undereye cream then use 1 pad and swipe it all over your face and neck then go to bed. No other part of your regime will be used. When you first start using them you may notice your skin looking dry for 1-3 days after- that's normal and it's actually all the dead skin flaking off so stick with it. When I first started I thought it was just drying me out when in fact is was telling all my dead skin cells to GTFO and leaving fresh, bright and tight skin underneath. So yay for Glow pads! :) Plus- 1 container lasts over a year!!!

2) Neocutis Nouvelle- A retinol correction cream that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminish dark spots. NOUVELLE+ provides visible brightening with hydroquinone-free MELAPLEX technology to help restore the look of skin clarity and tone. I apply this twice a week on my skin after celansing and applying my undereye cream. No other part of my regime will be added over the top of this. This is also great to use on the back of your hands as well twice a week. 


As I mentioned above, Racquel creates custom skincare plans for you! If you are interested in having this done (no strings attached at all I promise) you can click below. Whether you are looking for anti-aging, acne treatment, or even pregnancy-safe regimens – She can help! Racquel helps patients nationwide achieve their best skin by using medical grade skincare.

She loves being able to extend her reach and help men & women all over the country with the very same products she uses daily in her practice.  Skincare is not one size fits all. Racquel creates complementary, custom skincare regimens for her clients. She is able to do this via email and in the convenience of your own home.  If you would like to start achieving your best skin today click the link below to submit information about your skin type, your goals, and a photo. Racquel will send back a plan that fits your needs as well as links to purchase.  She ships nationwide and offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Click HERE to get started and be sure to follow Racquel on Instagram at @racquelfrisella

Everything I shared can be found on Racquels website. Be sure to use code ROCKYNP to save 10% and free shipping for orders over $100.

Thank you for reading!! If you have any questions ALWAYS feel free to reach out to me! I'm happy to help!